Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Dancer on Creek

Slowly departing from a flaming room; dancing absently
in blazes, in euphoria, upon my good ole secular dreams.
You must have watched me return to my strand
the world thought was abandoned.
But it was gushing with skies, floating with streams,
And if you watch me now, I’ll be somewhere perching
on the edge of a beautiful arched doorway upon the creek.
You’ll watch me dancing absently and you’ll listen to words I’d never speak
Your tremor of revulsion, your magnetic charms, faded conversations,
How dare you think I don’t think of them?
Let’s continue this, let’s fall into hatred so that we don’t love
Adamant and ancient, unparalleled inventories up above.
And before the room sets to irreconcilable ashes,
I’ll stay awake by telling myself this
Oh, song, oh shuddering song!
I’ll stay put and sing myself to sleep,
wearily dancing all along.

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