Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Poured Back

Droplets of rain we’d been yearning for far too long, they greeted
Crashing down today like murderous waterfalls,
Crashed gently on my locks and in a nook pain was seated;
I broke and the drops mocked my wreckage.
I yelled and fought, I needed every bit of you,
I needed my nightmare; shame on me
and the author of my story.
 So I drank to your rhythms all night, wept in your whiff,
Hummed your warmth and stabbed your promises
till I won over the rains and till I forgot crusades I knew
Upon sweet rainy plateaus I had once lived on.
Clinging to willing radiance; these rains remind me of that but also
my sunken ship of a story with you.

Dancer on Creek

Slowly departing from a flaming room; dancing absently
in blazes, in euphoria, upon my good ole secular dreams.
You must have watched me return to my strand
the world thought was abandoned.
But it was gushing with skies, floating with streams,
And if you watch me now, I’ll be somewhere perching
on the edge of a beautiful arched doorway upon the creek.
You’ll watch me dancing absently and you’ll listen to words I’d never speak
Your tremor of revulsion, your magnetic charms, faded conversations,
How dare you think I don’t think of them?
Let’s continue this, let’s fall into hatred so that we don’t love
Adamant and ancient, unparalleled inventories up above.
And before the room sets to irreconcilable ashes,
I’ll stay awake by telling myself this
Oh, song, oh shuddering song!
I’ll stay put and sing myself to sleep,
wearily dancing all along.

Sunday, 12 July 2015


Between my lips and my sleeves
The fright rests, thumping like love and thriving like kids.

Beyond the box, an inconspicuous noise
Torn between throb and sinking into that voice
I turn away from his eyes, frightened

Walking by on moonlit nights not by my side
Exacerbating beats, squelching my pride
I wish to escape the episode but I stay behind
And that makes me frightened.

I remember that one afternoon
Coarse hands nestled on the wooden table
Smiling, he talked of inquisitiveness
He talked of saccharine truth and nagging fable
And I was uprooted, stooping in loathe for a feeble self
God, I was so frightened!

I have no time to chase behind gusts like him, it only harms,
I haven’t the stature to give in myself to lowly charms;
Convincing it’s what is best for my book
Of safe passages and walls and lofty dreams and no streams
Deviating to his route for even a second is becoming frightening.

For now, I block roads, visions and strangle my speech
I yearn for maps I left back in some page of an unwritten story
Though he could look way more lost than anyone ever could be,
Though he looks way more hovering than I picture me
My attention to facets and details alarms me like never before
Dear Lord, I’m frightened to my core.

Maybe this fright pleases me, maybe this fright annoys
Nickels, daydreams and jolting wounds clasp hours
Walking to places he has last stopped by
Talking of auburn tastes and collapsing powers,
It’s pleasing and frightening.

Between my head and my heart,
My fright escalates each day, he set hazards free

I’m frightened and I’ll make him leave because I won’t keep up with me.