Thursday, 19 March 2015


She felt lost
A host she had under her feet to adore her craft
Yet she felt she was fading
Lost in an arctic place she had never been.
Fading away unheard and unseen
By the only one she wanted to be seen
But before his eyes, she was a fleck upon a painted wall.
She screamed her one last curtain call.
But the last shout too got lost
Like the echoes of her ole love songs faded in points
Lost in piercing pounding of her heart
                                       She felt loveless.                                      

Oh, what a loss, what a heartbreak,
Oh, what a loss, it’s all too much to take.

Oh, misery would be miserable to behold a beauty so devoid beauty
But he was impassive.
And her call was lost.
She was lost to him, it seemed
But she had lost herself to him
She never could lose him out of her mind.
And she felt loveless.
She felt loveless but she kept him.
Such beauty vulnerable,
Such a poignant parable,
Such ice in him, colder than the coldest frost
A love that could build a realm passed away lost.
Her love, her beautiful vain love.

Oh, what a loss, what a heartbreak!
Oh, what a loss, isn’t it all too much to take?

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