Thursday, 19 March 2015


How much greener the grass is, with those rose-tinted glasses,
But the butterflies, they flutter by and leave us on our asses. 


Is this our world? So unnoticed, so real, no one has a clue
Neither do I, neither do you
Why did we fall to such a blur? I know I’ll be safe where I come from
Should go back to the slumber, the one you woke me from
You do not know me, I haven’t heard from you
We’re chasing behind fire, and I don’t know what we’re up to.

Please head back to where you were going
Don’t come any closer, you won’t find me
We’re spiraling out of our homes, our roads
Into the biting cold, into lust, into quandary
I won’t tell myself or my folks, you pretend you don’t know a word
And once the coast is clear, we’ll say it aloud and let it go unheard.

There are no lights, there’s been no light
Stare at me while the lights are off
Oh lord, I think I feel something
And I think I should run.
I think I should run.

Where do you see us going? Do you know what it is that we’re in?
I don’t where you are when you come for me, I don’t know where you’ve been
I let shackles grow into castles; it’s not where I come from
Should go back to the slumber, the one you woke me from
You do not know me, and I don’t wish to know you
We’re halfway down a trench, I don’t know what we’re up to.
Don’t stray further, you should leave
Don’t come any closer, you might be hurt
I never stayed for breezes, you’re tumultuous
You linger yet you stroll away but you drag, you fuss
I know nothing will ever reach you, not one painstaking word
So every time you’re not around, I sing it and let it go unheard.

But you turn off every light
And you keep staring while lights are off
I succumb and I feel something
And I run, and I run, I run.

I’ve got to run away from you.


She felt lost
A host she had under her feet to adore her craft
Yet she felt she was fading
Lost in an arctic place she had never been.
Fading away unheard and unseen
By the only one she wanted to be seen
But before his eyes, she was a fleck upon a painted wall.
She screamed her one last curtain call.
But the last shout too got lost
Like the echoes of her ole love songs faded in points
Lost in piercing pounding of her heart
                                       She felt loveless.                                      

Oh, what a loss, what a heartbreak,
Oh, what a loss, it’s all too much to take.

Oh, misery would be miserable to behold a beauty so devoid beauty
But he was impassive.
And her call was lost.
She was lost to him, it seemed
But she had lost herself to him
She never could lose him out of her mind.
And she felt loveless.
She felt loveless but she kept him.
Such beauty vulnerable,
Such a poignant parable,
Such ice in him, colder than the coldest frost
A love that could build a realm passed away lost.
Her love, her beautiful vain love.

Oh, what a loss, what a heartbreak!
Oh, what a loss, isn’t it all too much to take?

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


I was afraid to be alone
Now I'm scared that's how I'd like to be
All these faces none the same, how can there be so many personalities?
So many lifeless empty hands
So many hearts with great demands

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Do you know how something is just not meant to happen but it happens all the same knocking your senses away? You can only change what you’re feeling, you cannot undo how you once had been. You cannot undo the midnight sneaks, the three AM distress calls, the very first two-wheeler rides, bellows in the air, the wind in your hair and jokes that make sense only in your private once-existing world. Your world with her. You can only persuade yourself to forget, convince yourself you've forgotten but do you really, do you really forget everything? Do you forget anything at all?
You don’t because memories, they stay.
They stay because they’ve been built upon something so strong, something so beautiful. Something that can’t be uprooted, something so profoundly engraved. You lived those moments, you lived and you could breathe and you felt so alive. It was how when you were with her, you felt brainless and wonderful. You didn’t care about anything and you didn’t care about her because you knew she belongs to you. A person who is yours without a label, without strings, without displays, without clauses and without pretenses.

Well, seasons approach and changes startle.
I should like to believe our story merely toggled to a fresh weather.
I stormed into a path of my own, she breezed her way through hers. And today, I have melodies of my own, places I go to, things I love, sights I take in. She has hers. We do not belong to each other’s lists and it surprises us both.
I do not even know if our hymns brush her mind any longer but they do sweep mine and I just wanted to sing it for her, for one last time. Then I would really have to leave, though. But I’ll sing it for her one last time, yes, I will. She’s to become this one song for me today and she should have become a lot, lot more. Because she was one thing so right, that space between us was one thing so genuine and it’s a pity it had to snow this bad.
But it happened, it snowed and we froze without wanting to.
I can barely behold beyond the white now.
Sometimes, I try to sweep the mist away and guess the figure behind the haze. It doesn’t work because it’s become too hazy for the eye. And for the heart, for that matter.