Friday, 2 January 2015

That Room

I descended the stairs, to the floor
The room is small
I came here to feel my sore,
It’s better than nothing at all.

The wood crackles
Like the sound of hurtling crockery
Like when we fought.
I play my part
In your choir of brilliant mockery
I fit to the scheme you thought.

There are people here
In illusion and in faith
I stumbled to them like this smoke in the air.
The air they breathe so readily
In grave ignorance they await
The screening of their tales of despair.

Look at me, I’m one of them
This room embraces everyone
I came here to be one of them
Because it’s one thing so easily done.

So I will drink it all up,
Everything the room has to offer.
I will drink it all in one massive gulp
I breathe and drown in the room till I suffer.

I need you and I can’t stand your sight.
The bar works fine for me tonight.
How I need you and how I repulse your sight!
My pain works fine for me tonight.