Friday, 2 January 2015

Tear You

Something seemed enough one day
I realized it through my dusty window pane.
And I prayed the gale would sweep all of you away
Yet, all that stayed was you and the ebbs and the disdain.

Look, darling! How I tear you up
With slashes of my pristine blank paper.
With wicks of lust you smelt that danced through my cup
And the bushed vessel you disgustedly hid yonder.

Just like you promised a vibrant splash
I’ll paint you a picture so vibrant you won’t look.
You’ll hide from the light for what you swore was trash
My song shall quiver your wall, your roof and your nook.

The little pearl you clipped to me could never gleam
Lies and lies and lies dressed the open fact
The sport that never amounted to the dream
And I sat there staring, I couldn’t react.

Oh, but I thought you’d be torn apart
You stayed there wiping away strands when I fell
Oh darling, I could never tear you apart!
And I’d never stop loving you, but I don’t think I wish you well.

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