Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I'm Not Anna

[What the author has to say about I'm Not Anna:
Umm… Okay.
So ‘I'm Not Anna’ is something I wrote in like ten minutes. Yesterday.

‘Fit of spirits’, this has been written in. That is what you can call it. 
This piece is vastly a consequence of this weird state of doldrums I had yesterday. 
Unexplained doldrums. Music can be an explanation. 
I just picked up the laptop and typed away. Felt good.

I wanted to post this because I write senseless things down almost every day because I love to but I never put them up on my blog because I fear they’re too... well, absurd? 
But I realized something.

Does it matter?
This is MY blog. It’s mine and I can plant garbage into it if I fancy.
It’s MY VENT. That’s the reason why I started blogging in the first place.
Read on. And if this entire Anna-thing makes no sense to you, don’t you worry.
You’re not dumb; it’s the opus that is.

PS. No offense to any Annas out there. You all have a pretty name.]

I'm Not Anna

Why do you hold back?
Don’t be so kind to him
Don’t be so cruel to me.
Do you want to have me believe it was all in my head?
Everything I was sure I heard, everything you never said.
I don’t want to be Anna.
I can’t escape once I’m in.

Why can’t you give me a sign?
Don’t be so partial to her,
Don’t be so cruel to me.
I've drowned inside you and you don’t know a thing
Oh maybe, you’re not clever and you haven’t an inkling.
But I don’t want to be Anna.
I don’t want to stride away elsewhere.

I think maybe you know,
You know about me and you’re just being mean.
Maybe you are made for her,
 Maybe you are being kind to him.
I am not into anyone else, it’s just you.
It can never be anyone else, it’s always been you.
Oh, you might leave, you leave soon and if you do
I will sever a little, I can’t let that happen.
But no matter how hard I try to get you out of me,
I can’t.
I am not Anna.
I can’t fall out of love.

I have been waiting for a moment of ours
There’s not been too many.
Oh, who am I kidding? There hasn’t been any.
Do you ever realize I have unbolted myself to you?
You’ve heard my insides like no one else
But you don’t care.
And I hate it but I care, I care so much,
I am into you, pleading you to find your way to me.
But I think you want to whisk away to her.
And you think I must whisk away to him.
Oh darling, but I’m not Anna.

I’m foolish, I’m a lovelorn lass
I have truthfully, ardently fallen for you.
No one else but you.
Please forget everything, please do.
And run to me, rescue me from this insanity taken over me
Be mine like I’ve become yours even though you don’t have me
Or just pass me a hint if you never will run,
Before I go insane completely.
No, it will break me, please just run to me.
I’m not Anna.
I’m unlike others, you’ll see.
And I promise to love you like you’ve never seen.

I’m a thrall of yours and I shall stay one as long as my heart can afford it.
I’m a thrall to your swings, to your charisma, to you.
To the whole of you.
I’ll never be Anna.
I have fallen so profound into you.
So could you fall for me too?


  1. I see a story here. In this.
    There are two hes and two shes above.
    Inspired by your own world, is it?
    I love this, by the way. TEN minutes. This has to come straight from the heart, then.

    PS. You so have to tell me the Anna mystery.

  2. Yes, Naina, I did have a story in mind, I guess.
    It's not my life, no. I don't know what it is.
    There's no Anna mystery. Haha.
    Okay, maybe there is. But it is stupid and I'm not telling you.

    1. You're telling me, sweetie. You're easy to get things out of.
      Keep writing! <3