Wednesday, 23 July 2014

About the title 'No wet blankets, please.'

Hello, charming reader!

This is going to be a little post. 
Lots of people who read this meek blog of mine have asked me the story behind the beguiling font-ed title of this blog, ‘No wet blankets, please.

It’s a weird name, I agree. I give you that.
But it really, really appeals to me.
The thing is: I just don’t know why.
When I started with this blog, it just hit me out of the blue. I don’t like wet blankets. Let’s put that. There you go! Brilliant. Wow. Marvelous.

So I put it. Didn’t think about it.

I’ll change the name one day if I’m feeling all too dexterous or ingenious. One beautiful sunlit day.

Oh, and for those who don’t know, wet blankets are used as a metaphor to unenthusiastic, droopy things in life. Spoilt sports. Grouchy creatures?
Yes, you understand now, don’t you?

I do love a lot of kind of creatures of Planet Earth. But I’m not particularly fond of wet blankets.
They’re just so wet, you know.
You need dry, sometimes.
Have a wonderful day.

Have a wonderful no-wet-blanket-encounter day.

With all stunning love I could possibly bequeath,
Yours truly,

PS. As you can see, I love cheesy letter closings. 
I love them more than I can show.

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