Saturday, 31 May 2014


An age curled in a fleeting instant
A world planned in a sham story
A warm soothing chill down my barren spirit
But you are icy as ever.
Yet, you entranced me and my soul
An existent fantasy draft in an illusory story
I try to talk to you but I yap, you say
Will you stay icy forever?

Honey, something took me away
So far away,
I don’t think I can return ever.
Never could imagine it could be so
You should know.
Maybe you do, oh, maybe you do
For it’s too naive to reside concealed to you
Yet, you choose to be cruel.

And honey, I’m blown farther each day
Why can’t you see?
I’m breaking walls and writing songs like never
But it's nothing to you, I suppose.
Oh, only if you could know
Maybe you do, oh, maybe you do
For it is but too raw to linger concealed to you
Yet, you choose to be cruel.

I’m into you and I have lost my way.
I put into songs things I would never say.
I struggle to know if you know
Everything I want you to know
Everything I’m never going to let you know.

Oh maybe you do, maybe you do,
Yet, you choose to be cruel.

Why do you have to be so cruel?

Friday, 23 May 2014


You scare me
I’ve never been so captivated
Not one cord of mine has ever been.
Oh, for never had a cord of mine seen
A gust like you.

I swam shallow waters,
I’d dive, I’d never drown,
Oh, I’d never fall.
You carried oceans with you
And I fell in such depths
Depths I never knew I could fall to at all
And all I carried was one little heart
Captivated, as I was,
It got lost
Oh, at a lovely, lovely cost.

And you scare me so much
I’ve pushed and you pulled.
I’ve stormed, you’ve hushed.
I’ve laughed, you’ve smiled.
I tried to escape
Away from you,
Because you scared me
Because I’ve never been so captivated
But you became my escape.

And all I wore was this one little heart
Captivated, I am,
It got lost
At a lovely, lovely cost.

Oh, but tell me darling
Because I’ve fallen
Blinding myself to the stake
Was it ever mine to give?
Was it even yours to take?